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I finished my first race! It was a 7 mile ITT down at Sandy Hook, NJ this past Saturday (4/4/09). :p It was cloudy, there were 40mph winds from NWish. I didn't do as well as I wanted, but all things considered I am happy.

I didn't get a ride in the day before 'cause of rain. I think this really hurt me because I need to do a tough ride to get the legs a little burnt at least one day before a hard effort.

The whole way out to the turn around I was really uncomfortable as I was fighting the wind but also because I just couldn't get in my saddle correclty. I was also really nervous and my mind was just going a mile a minute about nothing useful.

At the turn I went to the right of the cone like the guy pointed and almost had a moment with another rider. I assume the guy behind me was going to pass and then had to abort because of the cone. I didn't see him because I was doing my own thing.

Anyways after turning the cone things really got good. The whole way back I was doing 23-27 mph because of the wind. I was also in a comfy saddle position and was able to just hammer away consistently.

My mind was totally not in the race while I was racing. Going to get calmer when out there so I can think a bit more tactically. Before I could say to myself that I should be going faster on the way back the race was over.

All in all it was really fun, felt good to be competing at least on some level again.

Btw, there were some really fast riders out there! Some guys still pulled off sub-16 minute times even with the wind. I was very impressed...
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