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Looking to change out the fork on my Z and need to know the axel-crown length. I measure 371mm, but even a few mm off can make a big difference, and I’m hoping this is right because it gives me a lot of room to work with as far as lowering the front end and sharpening up the steering. If anyone knows the exact spec. that would be a huge help.

Current setup is:
HA: 72.5
A-C: 371mm?
Rake: 50mm
Trail: 54mm
WB: 1001mm

Revised would either be

Easton ec90sl
HA: 73.1
A-C: 364mm
Rake: 43mm
Trail: 57mm
WB: 994mm


Edge 2.0
HA: 72.8
A-C: 367mm
Rake 45mm
Trail: 57.5mm
WB: 996mm

and if anyone wants to double check my calculations for me have at it.
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