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BenHC said:
I went to my LBS yesterday to try out a 2010 Z5 but the last one that was my size (58) was purchased. Since they just got in the 2011 stuff I tried out a 2011 Z5 and F5. After taking a couple laps around parking lot the guys at the shop told me that my legs looked cramped and they had me try out an F5. My legs did feel a bit more free on the F5 but I could immediately feel my neck and back tightening up. The reason I was looking at the Z series is that I have some back trouble and I'd heard that the Z series had a more friendly geometry.

I am just under 6'1", 210 and about a 31" inseam. I thought I had a pretty average torso/leg length but the guys at the shop told me that my longer torso would fit an F5 better than a Z5. I am going to another LBS that sells Felts to see what they say. I still want to ask what ya'll think. Are there any similarly built riders out there that ride the Z5 or other Z series bikes.

(I should note that the top tube on the 2011 F5 has a gentle angle, unlike the 2010. It's not as steep as the top tube of the Z series, but it helps make for a friendlier geometry on what is a race bike.)
there is no reason you can't get as "long" or stretched out on a Z vs. an F bike. The reach of the frames themselves is within a few mm. If you feel too compact on the Z bike, just lower the stem or opt for a longer one when you get the bike. Grabbing a bike off the sales floor and expecting it to feel perfect is not a good indication on how you fit on the bike.

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