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Zipp 300 issue

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Hello all.
Alas my non drive side Zipp 300 crank has developed play even when tight. It is an ISIS interface. Can anything be done or is it like square taper ones and I need a new crankset? I can't seem to get just th non drive side arm, the Canadian distor doesn't have them and Zipp won't return my emails.
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It SHOULD be ok. Are you sure its the crank and not the BB bearings? Its much more rare to ruin ISIS tapers than square tapers.
Hi, thanks for the reply.
Yup, it be the crank arm. Checked the bearings and even brought it to the shop I used to work at to have the master tech check it too. It looks fine but despite best efforts still has play even when tightened down.
Are you sure the non drive side ISIS BB spindle is not the culprit? Does the play still exist if you temporarily install the left crankarm on the right (drive) side of your existing BB? I've seen plenty of Zipp 300 cranksets on ebay if you decide to replace them. Of course with used cranks you may run into the same issue. Personally I'd switch to something with external bearings.
Hi, thanks. I never did the switch to the other side to check the crank arms, great idea and I will pass it on to the shop as they still have my cranks. What would be the same weight or lighter for an external bb crank? The Vuma Quad are muy expensive so I'd rather go cheaper.
Yeah, I wanted the Vuma quad also but it is just too expensive. I went from the Zipp 300's to FSA K-Force Light setup/which weighs 660g for the entire setup w/BB. I picked that rig with about 500 miles on them for $275. Some of the older FSA K-Force stuff has a reputation for problems but they seem to have ironed out many of the wrinkles (IMHO) with their newer lines. Or perhaps a lightly used 10 speed campy UT record crankset/bb? That setup weighs about 700g w/bb. Street price of those have dropped a little since 11 speed & super record came out. Best of luck to you

oh yeah, almost forgot, if you are willing to accept a very small weight penalty then a Dura Ace 7800 crank setup is pretty hard to beat. Tons of them available at very good prices with DA 7900 on the market now. They also look great on just about any bike (IMO)
Thanks, I just got a very sweet deal on a st of K-force light cranks with ceramic external BB from a guy who went power tap.
I did call Zipp directly as they never returned my emails and it looks like I can get a left crank arm from them but need my LBS to order it. I will get the replacement and throw it on my CX bike.:thumbsup:
rroadie said:
Thanks, I just got a very sweet deal on a st of K-force light cranks with ceramic external BB from a guy who went power tap.
Cool. Don't forget the "wave washer" that goes between the non drive side crankarm & bottom bracket. Without it you will have lateral play. I rode mine for a month like that before realizing it was missing.

Personally because I am cheap & don't want to round file expensive parts I'd try & breathe a little more life out of your existing "trashed" crankarm by cleaning up the mating surfaces with acetone or similar and adding some heavy duty epoxy or structural adhesive to the mating surfaces when you torque it down. Let it all cure & see how it holds. Worst case scenario is it develops play again. If it holds up ride it until the BB is worn out. If the crankarm doesn't want to come off when you pull the BB then give it a little love from heat gun to loosen up the epoxy.
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