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zipp 404 carbon review

skizzle86 said:
Sweet rollers! What's are you impressions of the ride quality?

The ride quality is fantastic:

1. The wheels feel solid - no flex
2. The brake surface provides good braking power and great modulation. No pulsation what so ever.
3. At 65 grams heavier than the Ksyriums SL I did not feel that much difference in acceleration, however, at speeds over 22mph is where the real difference was made.

Keeping a pace of 26-30 mph was a helluva lot easier that with the aluminium clinchers
I did noticed the aero advantages. I felt bad because my ridding buddies ride fulcrum 1s and 0s on a willier cento 1 and a BMC SLX 01, respectively, and I felt like I was cheating.

4. The zipp skewers are lighter than the Ksyrium SL:p
5. The zipps roll better (less rolling resistance) that the mavic hub.

6. the wheels came with a special zipp rim tape, valve extensions, skewers, and zipp cork pads.
7. I mounted a pair of Vittoria CX open corsa 290tpi and they are fanastic for the rim.

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seal drag

ewitz said:
standard steel bearings
Yeah, I was talking about seal drag which makes hubs slow down as they roll.

So to me that is rolling resistance. The Easton Velomax hubs have a super high seal drag that drives me nuts.

I was just saying they the hubs feel they have less drag than the Mavics SLs. And the Sls I thought were super smooth.

Anyhow, I am happy I got the Zipps.
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