Zwift adds Watopia Mayan Jungle

Take a trip back in time with a spin through Zwift's new Mayan Jungle roads.​

The world of Zwift has expanded. This week the on-line training/gaming experience has added Watopia Mayan Jungle. Zwifters at experience level 10 or above can discover a fantastical version of ancient Mexico complete lush visuals and terrain both above and below ground. Here's a sneak peek.


The Mayan Expansion is part of the Watopia Island course and is accessible off the backside of the epic mountain route right before the series of switchbacks. It's about 8 miles of fast, rolling terrain climbing nearly 500 feet in elevation. This expansion is the first time an in-game area has to be "unlocked" to enter it.

Zwifters without level 10 status can opt to "Ride With A Friend" who does have the requisite experience level. Official Zwift events taking place in the expansion area can also have riders of any level participating.

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