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Have any Grey Poupon????
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Hi, my name is David. The past 2 yrs or so i've been riding MTB ( dont bite my head off.)haha. Now im looking to road ride to help get a little better in shape and mix things up

Im 5'8 230pounds.
I will ride mainly along highway shoulder, so its pretty smooth.
i bought a schwinn prelude mainly because it was cheap and i didn't wanna spend an arm and a leg before i tried it out for a little while

NOW TO MY QUESTION: i have busted my rear tube TWICE so far, and i've only ridden my bike maybe 5 or 6 times. at first i thought it was spoke holes, so i taped them up real good.

Im looking for a good thick tire, dont really care about weight, just durability.

Also the bike is a little long for me, so i want to put a shorter stem, but considering its a dept. store bike i cant find out the specs of the bike. i assume its just a 1 1/8 steerer with a 25mm. bar, but i wasn't sure.

Also, any random tips would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Im looking at a specialized allez, a trek 1.5, or Raleigh Sport for the near future.
Any suggestions on the three bikes above?????

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- for flats, always determine the cause when you repair it. if you're careful when removing the tire/tube you can tell if the hole is on the inside or outside, and remove / fix whatever caused it.

- or it could just be low-quality tubes, it happens in cheap bikes.

- any bike shop can help with the tire selection and stem repalcement.

- any of the other bikes you mentioned are fine and a nice upgrade from the Schwinn.
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